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    Below we have listed some of the most common conditions and treatments that our clinic offers. Please click on the images to find out more information about each item.

  • If you have ever experienced an automobile accident, it can be a scary and uncertain experience. For many, their lives flash before their eyes, and the aftermath involves doctor's appointments, prescribed therapy and sometimes medications.

  • If you were driving and ended up in a serious accident, you may have suffered from multiple auto accident injuries. The injuries that you may have had to deal with include broken bones, scrapes, and even fractures.

  • Pain management is an area of medical practice dealing with methods for decreasing pain and increasing quality of life for people who live with chronic pain. It can be a very rewarding field for the right medical practitioner, as you work directly with patients to increase their happiness with their lives.

  • The fact is, if you are active and participate in sports, you are likely going to deal with some sort of injury at some point in time. In order to effectively be able to handle sports injuries, it is important to know about them. Below we will discuss some of the most common sports injuries that you will see.

  • Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, the likelihood is high that you will experience an injury at some point in your life. This might mean a simple sprained ankle that keeps you on the sidelines for a week, or it could involve a much larger injury that pulls you out of the game for months

  • If you've recently had joint surgery, but you have yet to return to your full range of motion, you may have heard your doctor suggest MUA. But what is MUA, and how is it useful? Is it dangerous? What are the downsides? For that matter, what are the upsides?

  • Shock wave therapy is the practice giving a person treatment for multiple tendonopathies, which is actually derived from lithotripsy. Basically if a person has problems with his or her muscles, namely tendinitis or arthritis, he or she can opt to receive shock waves on the skin to help reduce the effects of these medical conditions.

  • Same-day disc surgery can seem scary when you are preparing for the procedure. Any surgical procedure carries some risks, and your doctor has likely made you aware of this. However, it is important to realize that there risks are extremely rare. In addition, if your doctor has recommended this surgery for you

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    Chiropractor Jersey City are pioneers in the chiropractic, pain management and physical therapy medical field.

  • Chiropractor Jersey City is extremely successful in offering a high quality practice for patients in and around New Jersey.

    Our clinic boasts top of the range x-ray equipment as well as offering wobble chair rehabilitation, cold laser therapy and trigger point injections.

    Included in our staff are a pain management specialist, chiropractors, a neurologist and physical therapists. We put together this team to ensure that our patients receive the very best in healthcare treatments with an outstanding level of expertise offered.

    We treat a wide range of conditions and consider ourselve to be one of the industry leaders in chiropractic care.

    We look forward to helping you get back to full health in a professional and effective timeframe.